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Micro Grafting in Washington, DC

Micro grafting is a method of hair transplantation that gives patients a natural looking hairline.  Micro grafting gives surgeons the ability place hairs exactly where patients need them to fill in bald or thinning spots, eliminating obvious signs that hair restoration occurred.  Located in Vienna, Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic performs micro grafting on patients in and around Washington, DC, and Gaithersburg, Maryland.

What Is Micro Grafting?

Micro grafting is a surgical technique used during a hair transplant to harvest and replace donor hair.  A strip of donor tissue including skin and hair is removed from the nape of a patient’s neck, cut into smaller pieces and placed in the area where hair is sparse or missing.  Micro grafts are usually used on the very front or back of the hairline.

Benefits of Micro-Grafting

Micro grafting enables patients to get the look they had before they lost their hair.  The technique adds details to the hairline giving a soft, natural appearance.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Micro Grafting?

Men and women who have been diagnosed with male pattern baldness are good candidates for micro grafting.  Patients who have permanent hair loss due to injuries, burns, or cosmetic surgery also benefit.

How Does Micro Grafting Work?

A strip of skin is removed from your neck area and cut into small pieces.  Skin with only one or two hairs is selected to graft in the front of your scalp.  The carefully chosen hairs are carefully inserted into tiny slits along the front of the hairline.  Skin with two to four hairs is then selected to add volume to the area behind the hairline.

How Long Does a Micro Grafting Procedure Take?

During your consultation at Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic, your hair restoration specialist will give you an estimate of how long the micro grafting procedure will take.  Like any other hair transplant procedure, the duration of the surgery depends on how much grafting is required to fill in bald or thin areas.

How Has Micro-Grafting Changed Hair Restoration?

Earlier hair restoration techniques produced results that shouted, “I had a hair transplant.”  Because of the holes caused by surgical tools and clumpy growth from those holes, hair transplant patients were identifiable by their hair plugs.  Older techniques used to obtain donor hair resulted in noticeable, unattractive scarring.

Micro grafting alleviates the issues found with original hair restoration methods.  The small strips leave less obvious signs that a graft was taken and the minuscule grafts give doctors flexibility with placement, resulting in a more attractive and comfortable result.

Is Micro Grafting Painful?

Patients report some discomfort associated with micro grafting, but nothing significant.  An oral sedative helps relax you and prevent pain.  Local anesthetic is also used during the procedure.

How Long Is the Healing Process?

Micro grafting may take a bit longer than other types of hair replacement surgery due to the number of grafts required to fill in a scalp area.  Your restoration specialist will give you all the information you need to know about recovery before your surgery, so you will know what to expect.

How Long Before I Can Return to My Daily Activities?

When to go back to work and resume everyday activities is a personal decision.  Some patients return to work the next day, while others prefer to wait until they have healed a bit.  Exercise should be avoided until donor incisions have healed.  All necessary post-treatment instructions will be provided before your surgery.

Located in Vienna, and serving the residents in and around Washington, DC, and Gaithersburg, Maryland, Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic offers micro grafting for patients who desire hair restoration. Contact us today to schedule your hair restoration consultation.