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Female Hair Transplant in Washington, DC

Although women are affected by hair loss, the condition is not often discussed.  Many women are embarrassed about how they look when they lose their hair, and their self-esteem suffers as a result.  Thankfully, women no longer have to suffer in silence.  While some clinics occasionally perform hair transplants for women, the Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic located in Vienna, frequently offers comprehensive hair loss treatments to women.  If you are a female who lives in or around Washington, DC, or Gaithersburg, Maryland, we can help with all types and stages of hair loss, even performing hair transplants for women when appropriate. 

Hair Replacement For Women

Hair replacement decisions are more complicated for women than for men.  Many hormonal and skin conditions can be the culprit behind women’s hair loss, ruling hair transplantation out as an option.  Whereas androgenetic alopecia creates predictable balding or thinning patterns, hair loss due to conditions such as menopause and thyroid diseases create diffuse balding that can affect the entire scalp.  The hair restoration specialists at the Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic understand the intricacies of female hair loss and take great pride in ensuring that our female patients get the best possible treatment.  If necessary, our hair restoration specialists consult with colleagues to better understand patient conditions and only recommend hair transplants when deemed the appropriate treatment for the hair loss type.

Women’s Hair Transplant Procedures

Restoring a woman’s hair with a hair transplant requires exceptional technical skills, extensive knowledge of women’s hair loss, and superior artistic skills.  Your surgeon needs to know how to work with women’s lower hairlines, dispersed hair loss, and unique hair textures.  Your doctor also needs to have a sense of women’s hairstyles and proactively consider future style changes.  Hair restoration specialists at the Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic are experienced in working with women and take a customized approach to each patient.  Our goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to make every woman’s hair look timeless and beautiful.

Female Hair Transplant Technique

Female hair transplants require special attention to women’s hairline and facial features.  Women’s hairlines descend and round whereas men’s tend to recede away from their faces.  A woman’s cowlicks and hair angles also differ from those of a man.  Patients’ ages, ethnicity, head shape, and stage of hair loss need to be considered as well.  The hair restoration specialists at the Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic understand these nuances and are accustomed to tailoring each hair transplant process to each woman’s short and long-term needs.

Hair transplant surgery techniques are customized to each woman’s hair loss pattern.  At the Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic, three techniques are primarily used:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Uses tiny groups of one to four hairs individually to graft in the balding or thinning areas. The patient’s hair needs to be shaved to expose her hair follicles.
  2. Strip Extraction – Uses a strip of hair from the back of the scalp. Hair groups are carefully dissected and implanted in the balding or thinning areas.  Women with long hair prefer strip extraction since the hair disguises the scar.
  3. Micro Grafting – Uses a strip of hair from the back of the neck. This technique is not as popular due to the location of the graft site.

Regardless of which technique is used, transplanted hair will begin growing in approximately four to six months.  The final result is apparent in about a year.  Female hair transplants typically yield excellent results with 95 percent of all implanted hairs permanently maintained.

Cost of Women’s Hair Transplants in Washington, DC

Although hair transplant surgery may initially cost more than other treatments, over time, the treatment actually costs less than other hair loss solutions.  The cost of medicines, such as Rogaine®, can add up over the years.  Although women with pattern baldness may not have considered a hair transplant as an option, those who have made the investment are highly satisfied with the permanent results.

Giving a general estimate of how much a hair transplant costs is difficult.  Factors such as the number of required grafts, the extent of the hair loss, and the technique selected to perform the surgery all come into play.  The Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic gives initial consultations to discuss hair transplants and will review all details of the procedure, including costs, at that time.

Causes of Female Hair Loss

Although both men and women suffer from hair loss, the cause of hair loss is typically different for females.  Whereas most men suffer from male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia that can be reversed with a hair transplant only accounts for a small percentage of hair loss cases among women.

Accurate diagnosis is critical when it comes to hair loss restoration for women to ensure that safe, successful results are achieved.  Common causes of female hair loss include pregnancy, menopause, autoimmune alopecia areata, thyroid disease, and trichotillomania.  Some of these conditions can only be treated with time or medication.  The professional hair restoration specialists at the Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic have the extensive training and experience necessary to help women make the best decisions on how to treat their hair loss.

Recovery Following Female Hair Transplant Surgery

How quickly women recover from female hair restoration surgery depends on the method of grafting that is used.  Patients who have strip extraction usually experience a slightly longer recovery period than women who have follicular unit grafting due to the larger area of donor hair that is extracted.  Recovery typically takes about 24 hours after female hair transplantation.

Regardless of the technique used for your hair transplant, you should be able to go back to work and resume your normal activities the next day after your surgery.  However, some women choose to take a few days off.  Strenuous activities should be put on hold for about a week to prevent bleeding or accidental injuries. Although you will have some scabbing, you can wash your hair the day after your surgery.

Hair Transplant Results In Women

Ensuring that your hair transplant meets your expectations depends on a multitude of factors.  The most important consideration is to pinpoint the exact cause of your hair loss before proceeding with a hair transplant.  If you are identified as an ideal candidate, it is up to your hair restoration specialist to use skill, experience, and artistry to recreate your natural hairline, angles, and volume.  Every step necessary to create a look that appears natural from all angles and proximity will be taken.  Hair should also age well over the long-term.  Once your hair restoration specialist has performed his or her magic, the rest is up to Mother Nature to see how your body responds to the grafts.

Located in Vienna, and serving the residents in and around Washington, DC, and Gaithersburg, Maryland, Younger Image Hair Transplant Clinic offers hair transplants for women who desire hair restoration. Contact us today to schedule your hair restoration consultation.